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Take a virtual tour of Kip Motor Company

Kip Motor is housed in an 6,000 square foot metal building complete with car yard, service shop, restoration, parts manufacturing, machine shop, upholstery room, and administrative offices.

Upon entering Kip Motor, you'll see Bob at the Front Sales Counter.

Upstairs are the administrative offices, upholstery room, library, and conference room. Duke, our golden lab, comes to work every day!

Admin offices for typical business stuff: phone system, fax, copier, and racks that hold finished upholstery and carpet sets (at left).

Upholstery room with commercial sewing room hiding behind Sandy. Notice all the patterns hanging up on the walls.

Kip Motor has a very extensive library of original shop manuals, part manuals, and owner manuals for nearly every antique British vehicle.

Sample of shop manuals available to technicians in library.

Factory shop manuals for nearly every make and model of British vehicles.

Central Command office. Yes, there is a Kip. He's usually behind the scenes managing the company, parts inventory, parts production, and parts outsourcing. That's more than a full time job!

This is my desk for marketing, event coordination, and web site content stuff plus special projects like AACA tours, BMTA conferences, and my favorite, All British & European Car Day!

Back downstairs behind the front sales counter is order fulfillment and shipping.

Our goal is to have the parts you need when you need. In some instances, they are backordered but should be available within 10 days. However, weather-stripping is one of those problematic parts as our supplier is not timely at all with our standing order. 

Our inventory is very comprehensive and is expanding daily. Shelf space is a concern.

Parts are organized on the shelf using a modified GM inventory bin location system. There is a method to this madness!

Entry to the shop from parts. Only employees are allowed into shop area. 

Metal Casting (Steve's area) where MET door handles, grille surrounds, and other chrome parts are made.

The electrical and finishing bench for plastic part production and metal castings.


This is the electrical room where our craftsmen make plastic and rubber parts, wiring harnesses, emblems, and medallions. Our parts are made by hand.

Machine shop used to remanufacture body parts in restoration projects, making Met panels, rocker sills, grille surrounds and countless other parts. See our PROCESS for details.

This is our "virtual library" often referred to as "the Museum". These cars are used for patterns, technical questions, and reference material!

This is our large part inventory i.e. windshields, body parts (fenders, doors, hoods, etc) and incoming bulk part purchases.   Shop floor area with current restorations underway.




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